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Fluorescent pigments Lemon
  • Fluorescent pigments Lemon

Fluorescent pigments Lemon

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Fluorescent pigments Lemon

Fluorescent pigments, in assortment. Uniqueness of fluorescent pigments is that they can reflect the absorbed ultra-violet light in visible area of a range at the expense of what color of a pigment looks brighter and attractive in comparison with usual pigments. The amount of the reflected light from the subject painted by fluorescent pigments is 3 times more, than from the subject painted by usual pigments.

Advantages of fluorescent pigments

~ The observer notices fluorescent color for 75 percent quicker, than usual.

~ Fluorescent color is 25 percent more noticeable for consideration at a sunlight in comparison with usual color and for 180 percent - in a shadow.

~ Fluorescent color keeps attention of the observer twice longer, than usual color.

~ Fluorescent color fixes a repeated eye of the observer in 59 percent of cases.


The main characteristics of fluorescent pigments which are defined and introduced in the specification is the following:

1) a shade and the painting force;

2) melting point;

3) size of particles and their distribution;

4) heat stability;

5) resistance to solvents;

6) resistance to migration and to mixture;

7) light resistance;

8) oil-absorption power;

9) reflection coefficient.

Size of particles and their distribution

When using fluorescent pigments with a large size of particles in certain cases there can be problems when dispergating that will affect quality of a final covering (roughness). However these pigments are more resistant to polar solvents. Pigments with a small size of particles are perfectly dispersed, forming a glossy covering. Standard series of fluorescent pigments have the size of particles of 3-6 microns.

Distribution of particles of a pigment also exerts impact on quality of a final covering. In particular, the pigment with narrow distribution of particles allows to receive a qualitative equal covering.
Light resistance

Fluorescent pigments less light-resistant, than usual. At operation of the products painted by fluorescent pigments under direct sunshine light resistance of a pigment decreases as at a sunlight there are strong ultraviolet rays lowering intensity of color. Recently the special series allowing to operate coverings in atmospheric conditions of 12-18 months are developed.

Resistance to solvents

Fluorescent pigments on the basis of thermoreactive pitches have the best resistance to solvents (especially to polar solvent), than pigments on the basis of thermoplastic pitches. The last are recommended only for paints on a water basis.

Heat stability

There are several series of the fluorescent pigments having various heat stability. The series intended for plastics has the highest thermal stability of 290 ° C. At operation at the maximum temperatures reduction of effect of a fluorestsentnost and change of color is possible for a long time.


Fluorescent pigments are used in the following areas: plasticity; PVC; paints; coverings; ink; textiles, etc.

Plasticity and PVC

Fluorescent pigments are used in production of superconcentrates, toys, bottles, household products, tennis balls, road signs and protections etc.

Country of manufacture:China
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