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Ftalotsianinovy pigments of BS, BGS, G.
  • Ftalotsianinovy pigments of BS, BGS, G.

Ftalotsianinovy pigments of BS, BGS, G.

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Ftalotsianinovy pigments — derivatives of phthalocyanine in which the central atom of hydrogen is replaced on metal. High durability of ftalotsianinovy pigments is caused by a symmetric structure of a molecule. The most important pigment of this class — blue ftalotsianinovy.


Ftalotsianinovy pigments belong to the chemically steadiest pigments. They are not dissolved in water, are almost insoluble in organic solvents and are extraordinary resistant to influence of chemical reagents. Ftalotsianinovy pigments are steady against effect of acids and alkalis, strong oxidizers lead to a rupture of a benzene ring, but at oxidation on air pigments do not collapse. These pigments are also resistant to action of reducers.

Ftalotsianinovy pigments possess very high sacred and weatherability: even nakrask of their tinting medium do not collapse at a long exposition on light.

All ftalotsianinovy pigments have high thermal stability. They are stable at a temperature up to 300 °C. The exception makes a pigment blue 15:0 which maintains action of temperature of 180 — 200 °C.

Feature of ftalotsianinovy pigments is low toxicity that allows to apply them in contact with foodstuff, in materials to production of toys.


Thanks to such properties as the high painting ability, thermo - and light resistance, low toxicity, ftalotsianinovy pigments it is possible to use in various areas:

• in paint and varnish industry — for production of LKM of household and industrial function on the basis of alkidny, acrylic, epoxies, nitrocellulose, polyurethane and other filming agents, including water and dispersive; / p>

• special brands of the FG series with narrower distribution of particles and raised (approximately for 10%) the painting ability are developed for production of the superconcentrates intended for coloring of very thin films and polypropylene fibers;

• as a part of ink for for a flexographic and intaglio printing, and also pattern, hot and cold hardening;

• in the textile industry;

• for coloring of the wide range of plastic in weight: polyethylene of high and low pressure, polypropylene, polystyrene, akrilonitrilbutadiyenstirol, polyamide, polycarbonate, polyvinylchloride, acetate and nitrate of cellulose; plastics on the basis of phenolformaldehyde, epoxy and other pitches.


The main
Country producer China
Type of a pigment Synthetic organic
Additional characteristics
The painting ability, % 102-103
Light resistance 7-8 scale of BWS from 1 to 8
Bulk density, g/cm3 0.30-0.4
Kolor-indeks Pigment blue 15:1
Pre-packing: 1 kg
Information is up-to-date: 03.08.2018
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