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Iron oxide pigment black 777 (saturated)
  • Iron oxide pigment black 777 (saturated)

Iron oxide pigment black 777 (saturated)

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Brand:Shenghua Group
Country of manufacture:China

Pigment iron oxide black 777 (saturated)

The pigment iron oxide is applied in production of paving slabs, construction mixes, bulk floors and other cement and sand compositions, a silicate brick, in production of LKM, ceramics, rubber.

Main characteristics of pigments and main properties of pigments:

1. The covering ability (covering ability) - property of a pigment to do invisible, to block color of the painted-over surface, is estimated by quantity of a pigment in grams, necessary for receiving on a glass plate of 1 sq.m of an opaque paint coat.

2. The painting ability, that is intensity of coloring, property to render the color to other pigments with which it are carefully mixed is estimated at % in relation to the painting ability of a standard, for white pigments razbelivayushchy ability of the painting pigments is similarly estimated.

3. Oil-absorption power, the minimum quantity of film-forming, usually linseed oil in grams, 100 grams of a dry pigment, necessary for transformation, into a uniform pastelike condition of pigmentary weight.

4. Dispersancy is an ability of a pigment to be crushed and be distributed in the dispersive environment at pigmentation.

5. Light resistance of a pigment is an ability of pigments to keep the color at influence of natural and artificial daylight.

Brand:Shenghua Group
Country of manufacture:China
Pre-packing: 25 kg
Information is up-to-date: 03.08.2018
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