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  • Iron oxide pigment brown 686 (vibroperss)
Iron oxide pigment brown 686 (vibroperss)
  • Iron oxide pigment brown 686 (vibroperss)

Iron oxide pigment brown 686 (vibroperss)

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Brand:Shenghua Group
Country of manufacture:China

Brown pigment 686

The main substance for coloring of concrete in weight are pigments on the basis of iron oxide. They are economic, are durable, do not influence ecology, safe for health. Receiving a wide range of flowers of concrete is reached by means of mixing of several flowers of pigments.


  • Figured elements of a paving (paving slabs, borders, drains).
  • Artificial stone, facing tile and brick.
  • Concrete fences and their elements
  • Bulk floors, sidewalks
  • Seams of a brick, stone laying
  • Decorative plasters
  • Plaster products

- The pigment can be mixed in at any stage of hashing.

- Norm of input of a pigment - 1%-6% of the mass of cement.

- It is important to remember that color of future product is influenced not only by a pigment, and and: color of sand, cement, fillers, amount of water, a condition of curing and respect for technology of processing of a surface of a product - and it means that the quality of the used cement is higher, the better it will paste to itself(himself) parts of a pigment and respectively over time the product will not change the color


The main
Country producer China
Color Brown
Material packing 25.0 (kg)
Type of a pigment Metal
Pigment type Zhelezooksid
Brand:Shenghua Group
Country of manufacture:China
Pre-packing: 25 kg
Information is up-to-date: 22.02.2018

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