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  • Iron oxide pigment red 130 (vibrating press)
Iron oxide pigment red 130 (vibrating press)
  • Iron oxide pigment red 130 (vibrating press)

Iron oxide pigment red 130 (vibrating press)

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Country of manufacture:China

Pigment iron oxide red 130.

The pigment iron oxide is applied in production of paving slabs, construction mixes, bulk floors and other cement and sand compositions, a silicate brick, in production of LKM, ceramics, rubber.

- The main substance for coloring of concrete in weight are pigments on the basis of iron oxide.

- They are economic, are durable, do not influence ecology, safe for health.

- For obtaining green color it is used - the oxide is lame, blue, - ultramarines.

- Receiving a wide range of flowers of concrete is reached by means of mixing of basic shades.


  • Figured elements of a paving (paving slabs, borders, drains).
  • Artificial stone, facing tile and brick
  • Concrete fences and their elements
  • Bulk floors, sidewalks
  • Seams of a brick, stone laying
  • Facing fur coat
  • Decorative plasters
  • Plaster products

- The pigment can be mixed in at any stage of hashing.

- Norm of input of a pigment - 1%-6% of the mass of cement.

- It is important to remember that color of future product is influenced not only by a pigment, and and: color of sand, cement, fillers, amount of water, a condition of curing and respect for technology of processing of a surface of a product - and it means that the quality of the used cement is higher, the better it will paste to itself(himself) parts of a pigment and respectively over time the product will not change the color!


The main
Country producer China
Color Red
Material packing 25.0 (kg)
Type of a pigment Metal
Pigment type Zhelezooksid
Additional characteristics
The painting ability, % 100±5
Kolor-indeks P.R. 101
Thermal stability, With 800
The prevailing size of particles, m 0.17
Guarantee of stability to light 30 years
Country of manufacture:China
Information is up-to-date: 14.02.2018

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